Hello! I'm Simone Cutrì. I'm a human being and a graphic designer from Italy. Currently I'm working and living in New York City. My interested are pop-culture, millennium generation and cultural fields. I don't believe in a one-way only approach to projects or design. I don’t believe in the classic definition of graphic design and I’m not interested in making only pretty or cool work. I believe that design can push boundaries and give a different approach to reading and story-telling. I’m interested in how people approach information to make different content. I believe in a multidisciplinary approach and to see the project from different perspectives. Please, don't ask me what is my favorite media. It's 2016, for god's sake.

By the way, before moving to NYC in September 2015, I earned a communication and graphic design degree at ISIA Urbino in Italy. I studied abroad (erasmus program) for 6 months in Porto , Portugal, and I wrote my thesis at University of Design at Bolzano . In the past years, I have collaborated with Studio FM Milano , Typeklang Bolzano, LUST studio in The Hague (the Netherlands), AHOY Studios in Manhattan, Young Professional in Brooklyn and currently I'm having fun with the people at DIA , also in New York City. From June 2016 I open a friends collective call "Toomany" , we are having fun and making projects on our own, but we realized we cannot pay bills just with that.

I'm based in Brooklyn - New York.
My résumé is not available upon request, you can just download from here .

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